the strong human impact on water environments, together with the immission of an enormous variety of aquatic life, has led to an unnatural evolution of the biocenosis that has severely damaged the natural biodiversity of aquatic environments.

In the continual alternation of species characterised by a different evolutionary background and by a different natural ecological setting, omnivorous species such as golden CARASSIus, ABRAMIDE and PSEUDOBORA as well as predatory species such as sheatfish, perch and ASPIO, have asserted themselves strongly in competivity and resistance with substantial consequent damage to the indigenous aquatic fauna.

As total eradication can only be accomplished successfully in closed systems, containment strategies for the alien species are of fundamental importance in guaranteeing the health and productivity of autoctonous aquatic life.

Hydrosynergy provides consultancy and disinfestation services for both  private and public spheres,  planning and carrying out operations of selective eradication and defining long term containment strategies for invasive species.

The type of operation and hence the techniques used (electric fishing, nets, traps etc.) will be calibrated according to the environmental conditions and needs (the size and shape of the catchment area, the presence of sensitive protected species, the availability of havens, the type of bed and the presence of such things as branches or trunks).

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